Saturday, 24 May 2008

Un, title d.

This set of works began with the idea of obsessive pointillism with pen on paper. And the play of what our eyes see and our minds perceive in a cluster of dots pointed automatically.

The initial drawings titled Many Faces, Many Phases, Many places were made as an expression of our daily romantic preoccupations and continued with the next piece Nevermind Blind Mice which contains hidden messages within the countless dots as a visual poetry.

That was further developed to these laser-cut typographic boards meant to include another layer of ‘reality’ as backdrops.

The first piece made is Uncommon Places Unlike This which is 580mm by 680mm. A piece massively filled with dots and a short message to be placed in different situations. The final outcome caused by an unforeseen technical problem after 8 hours of cutting turned the message intended the other way round to Uncommon Place Lik Tis. An accidental poem created by chance gave this piece an added meaning which further complimented the concept of possibly hopeless romanticism in everyday life.

The next piece Un-Like This followed the similar technique of pointillism and idea of hidden message, only in a smaller scale of 420mm x 510mm. Last but not least, Like It Or Not is made with text drawn in lines and cut through. A visual poetry with text in different sizes meant to be read in multiple sequences.

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