Saturday, 24 May 2008

November Thirty First

A compilation of selected journal entries first published as an online blog.

It is an ongoing project intrigued by the fact that live blogging has turned the private ritual of diary writing to a public speaking platform where every internet users become ‘writers’ publishing their daily activities onto the World Wide Web. Countless pseudonymous alter egos on air 24/7 in this hyperreality. There is no longer any line between fiction and reality. This collection of entries is about turning the traditional practice of documenting actual events to fabrications in daily life—characters,places,activities,etc. in this ‘real-time’. A different world in a similar dimension or vice verse, nobody has any rights or justifications to accuse such fabrications as ‘lies’ simply because ‘The World Is Yours’. All entries are fictitious and inspired by actual happenings, everything and everyone.

Welcome to my castle in the air.

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