Saturday, 24 May 2008

The the the, all the, things

Memories sliced and unwind.

A poem written that spoke of bits and pieces of incidents that happened as a kid and despite already been more than a decade, these memories stay—like it, or not.

The original text was spontaneously arranged with wood block types and letter-pressed in 2 layers with colours randomly mixed while rolling ink over the plate to create a messed up effect expressing the almost chaotic thoughts which I wish to portray. Thus every single page is unique and unlikely to be copied.

An extension of this poem is then giclée printed over all the individual pages to form the book. This third layer is text inversely printed and the page french-folded to make it difficult for reading. It is intended to be slightly secretive, mysterious and chaotic within just as our mind always is.

A one-off edition.

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