Saturday, 24 May 2008

Pretty Places 'd We (not) Been

These are photos photographed from pages of encyclopedias of places and animals in this scenic world. A re-presentation: another introduction—without words. Like a secret message passing game from A to Z and back, these stories translated from the initial experience of ‘the’ physical reality into a 2 dimensional flatland in pages of books and now individual images biasedly selected then collected in a box. Like a postcard sent by a tourist to someone who’d not been to where he’d been, only this time without the message that accompanied; unpersonalised and without an openly written emotion; unlabelled places, nameless destinations.

Places that confusedly seem so near yet so far to be reached and vice versa; fictitious as a master painting re-painted by a forger. This is just the 2nd person in the circle passing on a story to be re-told for another million times to come...

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