Saturday, 24 May 2008

Once bitten, Twice shy - Thrice blind

Both text were hand drawn inversely and scratched on metal plates, as the process—tedious as it is, reflected the obsession of all romantic preoccupations and hopeless indulgences. Unlike clicking on the keyboard to make any changes, what’s scratched, cannot be changed. It is like a crack on a vase that stays forever. And having the plates etched in a chemical bath that is almost once bitten and twice shy...

The first text is an untitled poem written linearly but lead to read alternatively, as the paragraphs intertwine between each line. Meant to be as messed up for viewers to take as much time to decipher the writing as it being done.

‘The Mysterious Is Marvelous.’

The second piece was meant ‘to tell you how much I wish the telly will explode in your face’. Statement scratched and hidden in ‘an angular universe’ trying to beat around the bush being a wimp I am. However, ultimately I tried but just couldn’t say it in your face and had to ask someone else to do it. If I haven’t told you here, you wouldn’t have known...



We die trying to hide
Why not try to die ‘cos
No one is for free and
Nothing comes easy
I reckon you ain’t satisfied

Where all donkeys swim
In lidos with nudies
Take all hearts with a breeze
Untighten those knees
I reckon you ain’t sick

Not used to telling no lies to
Make them feel right
Take it high
Fly it light and dive
Through oceans of knights

No dry eyes to
Make up neon lights nor
Life like a drive-by
Let me stay for the night so
We do not have to hitch a ride

Your magazines
All printed with his name
Your stalls
All selling his fame
I reckon you ain’t framed with pain

Do not call the pigs just
Breathe deep for
The shore is just a mile to go
Jack will not be alone
He’s got marshmallows on burning twigs

Let’s make coffee under trees
With tea leaves and royalty keys
You can have all my ciggies and
I’ll light them up for
A lease without fees

There’s too much time to sleep
‘Cos I miss you least and
You can wait for a calamity while
I slip pass


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